The banner of The Almighty Website of Stuff, with a decorative red and gold design, the name of the site being in the middle, and the on either side, between bits of red and gold, are two insigniae of The Almighty Doer of Stuff, which is a black circle with a large blue capital Greek letter Phi, a blue and yellow billboard-face capital Q in the left lobe, and a yellow circle with a smaller blue circle inside it, offcenter with a lowercase letter e in the smaller circle.

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Welcome to The Almighty Website of Stuff!

This is where I, The Almighty Doer of Stuff, a.k.a. ADoS, a.k.a. Vincent D. Camley of Massachusetts, USA, will post things that I create or have created and maybe other stuff as well. You can contact me at

It's a totally unprofessional hackjob of a site, but it should get the job done. You can use the navigation links in the boxes near the top and bottom of every page, or you could use the links below.

Blades of Exile: I've done some work on Blades of Exile, a Free Open-Source Software role-playing game builder. I'm very fond of this game.

The Idiot: A series of simple comic books I made in elementary school, plus a Flash game from 2006 which is based on the series. Someday I will get around to finishing digitizing these comics. Someday!

Harehunter's Haven: I've archived the website of a Spiderweb Software fan, which he could no longer keep up. Maps, hints, etc. for various Spidweb games can be found here. The website itself contains archived versions of Silver Harlowe's and Rache's maps, so those are double-archived.

Miscellanea: For things that don't fit elsewhere on the site.

I hope you enjoy the site!

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AWoS links: Blades of Exile, The Idiot, Miscellanea, Home. Email!

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