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Blades of Exile

This page houses various things that are related to Blades of Exile, a Free Open-Source Software retro fantasy role-playing game, which has tools that let you create adventures in the game engine of the Exile series by Spiderweb Software, who originally developed the software. You can learn about it and find links to download it at the Blades of Exile subforum on Spidweb's official message board.

Firstly, here's an animated advertisement for Blades of Exile.

The above animated advertisement is released under GNU General Public License v2.0+, like the program it advertises, so you can use it or modify it according to that license. Here's the individual frames if you want them.

I've created a few ads to be placed on shirts at an online shop I'm setting up. I collect no royalties or markups on the Blades of Exile designs. All eight of the the following Blades of Exile advertising designs are released under GNU GPL 2.0+, just like the BoE-included graphics from which these designs are derived. The separate logo, the minipitch, and the wordier pitch are under the same license. Be warned, they are very large.

I have a development folder that I use as part of my work as a contributor to the Open Blades of Exile project. I actively contribute a lot to the project, but lead developer and programmer Celtic Minstrel and I both agree that it would be a very bad idea to give me access to the GitHub repository, so I just upload stiff to this directory so the rest of the team can have access to it, without me being able to accidentally break anything.

I have created a number of custom Blades of Exile graphics. This ZIP file is probably outdated and may contain graphics which are already included with the game itself. I think it's kinda sorta organized maybe. You can sort through it yourself.

I have some custom graphics for Blades of Avernum as well. Blades of Avernum is a remake of Blades of Exile with a new engine, although the selection of scenarios is much slimmer. Some of the BoE graphics were designed for BoA and I just don't have them in BoA graphics format, so look at the above too if you want BoA graphics. This also a ZIP file, but not categorized. There may be graphics in here that are usable in BoE as well.

Also, here is a tool I designed for making custom BoE graphics in a painting program: Blades of Exile Custom Graphics Workshop! I made a 800x600 version, and a 1100x850 version. (The latter fits well on my monitor, hence the odd dimensions.)

The Scenario:

This scenario was created in less than a minute on January 24, 2005, for a specific person whose online moniker is UranusAlien.

I then released it to the general public.

I entered it in the Don't Fix The Shark competition.

It lost quite soundly.

Terror From The Park:

Ah, it's a beautiful day! The sun is shining, birds are singing, you just came from the local barbecue restaurant where you ate a huge pile of tender cow, chicken, and pig flesh, and now you're in The Park to sit under a tree and digest. Life is good!

But wait...

Something seems amiss...

A silly scenario that I had been planning to make since shortly after I arrived in the community in 2001. I finished it and then lost it, and then I kept replanning and remaking and never releasing it, until I actually did, in this form. I'm very pleased with this one. It has numerous different endings, some of which are gross.

Pay attention to the readme, as the files in the ZIP are a bit complicated.

The Killing Cave:

This scenario was created partially to test a bug in an older version of BoE, but mostly it was written to be amusing and entertaining. It will kill your party multiple times in a multitude of ways, and, if you have the latest version of BoE or the original release, it will bring your party back to life each time.

AWoS links: Blades of Exile, The Idiot, Miscellanea, Home. Email!

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