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This page is where miscellaneous things that don't fit elsewhere on my site will go.

In high school, I created a Flash game called The Potato: Space Fighter. I didn't write most of the code for the game itself, which was mostly a premade educational exercise, but the more artistic bits of the game are my creation.

I made a Minecraft 1.8 map called Mindfish Cabin, providing a comfortable, pleasant fishing and farming environment. I created it to serve as a tool for my mindful meditation practice.

I also made a Minecraft 1.8 map called Chicken Sheep Peaceful Sleep, which I created because I find the chickens and sheep and their noises pleasant and soothing, although the humming of my computer makes me anxious and ruins the effect so I never ended up using it. Maybe you'll like it.

AWoS links: Blades of Exile, The Idiot, Miscellanea, Home. Email!

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